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A Little Tu B'Av Recipe Creation

Well, I thought I’d try something a little new and different tonight! In honor of my partner’s Italian heritage and for Tu B’Av, I thought I’d mix two of our favorite dishes!

So here’s the funny thing - I grew up, not Italian, making stromboli quiet often. It’s kind of a big deal in my family - I remember the first time I made it with my Aunt Rene and cousin, Lauren. It was amazing, fun, and easy! At 7 or 8 years old, I asked her for the recipe and it became a main dish we made in my home.

Nick, my partner, has many great memories of his great-grandmother making her delicious Italian stromboli. He even has a special little “stromboli dance” he does right before eating it. He also says his great grams would like my stromboli!

So tonight, we give you our first ever Stromballah! Stromboli made inside of challah, made two different ways!

To make this I just used my Honey Egg Challah recipe, letting it rise for one hour like normal before dividing to make 3 loaves. Then once I divided the dough into three portions, I made one normal 3 strand braided challah. This is what I did for the other two sections:

  1. I split the first Stromballah dough section into three like I normally would. Then I used a rolling pin to roll it out flat like a rectangle and stuffed it with shredded cheese (mozzarella and cheddar) and any topping you could want (we have always used turkey pepperoni in my family - it makes it not kosher with the mixing of cheese and meat but you could add veggies here instead). After each rectangle of challah dough was full, I folded in the sides to rest on top and brought up the end pieces to fold everything in together. I use a pinch method to get the dough to stick together. Having all three sections full and laid out next to each other, I braided the Stromboli filled challah strands together like I normally would.

  2. For the second Stromballah, I split the dough in half. I rolled out the first half like I normally would for Stromboli: in a large thin rectangle. Once filled with toppings (same as above), I took the other half of the dough and split it into three sections. With these three strands I rolled them long and thin and braided as I normally would for a 3 strand challah braid. I laid this challah on top of the toppings and then brought in the sides of the bottom dough folding all the toppings inside (sides and end pieces). I pressed them into the bottom of the challah and it created a cute look.

Check out the photos below. Next time I make this, I'll be sure to create a video to share as well! Let me know what you think!

Xoxo Rachel and Nick

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