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Eggplant in Tahini & Beet Salad

When my family is getting together for a good grilling (and we do quite often!) We have some must-have salads to go along with the main course. Sometimes, I eat so many salads, that there's not much room left for the main course!

Between many salads, these two are my favs: creamy eggplant in tahini (also known as "baba ganush" but, no one ever called it that way in my family, so we will just refer to it as eggplant in tahini! ) And beet salad. They are both loaded with garlic, that brings on the spicy kick, and makes them so irresistible, well, at least for me.

They will pair well with your steak, chicken, or as I said - just like that, in a pita or by the spoon. They will sure add a refreshing note to your grilling get together this coming weekend, so check out link in bio for the recipe and how to!

And wherever you are, with whomever - make sure to stay safe and healthy!



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