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Homemade Israeli Ice Cream Bars

Growing up, our weekends would be always the same: Shabbat morning at my Savta's house on my dad's sides, evenings at my Davta and Sabba from my mother's side. There would always be food, you can be sure about that, and I will be telling you a ton about that going forward, but today is a special day - Ice Cream Day!

Well what is better than to celebrate it with my Savta's not so secret recipe of home made ice cream bars? All you need is 4 ingredients. And a freezer. And some patience to wait for them to freeze - got patience? Then you are all good to go! check out the recipe in bio and on our website to enjoy this cool and sweet treat. My grandma used to buy a true, full size ice cream bar biscuits, I haven't found the same kind yet, so my version is with chocolate flavor tea biscuits - and you can use any flavor for the biscuits or the cream. Share with us your versions, what is your favorite ice cream?

XO, Adva

Find the recipe here!

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