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Quiche for Shavuot

Just like every holiday, we get excited about the food we get to eat at Shavuot. I look forward to cheesecakes, and cheese blitzes, cheese danishes, etc. And those things are great, but what about dinner? We get so excited about the desserts/breakfast/sweets we’re going to be eating, that it’s hard to think about anything else. However, I like to go back to one of my favorite French recipes, the delicious quiche – which also works for any meal of the day, really.

Honestly, the first quiche I ever ate was a frozen one my mom picked up from the store when I was a kid. She didn’t really expect us to like them, but I fell in love. So much so, that one of the first pieces of bakeware I bought for myself as an adult was a quiche/tart pan. I love making my own crust, but to make something a little more simple for a holiday where we are already baking like crazy, just use a frozen crust you can buy at the store. But don’t worry, I’ll share my pie/quiche crust with you soon!

Click here for this recipe. It’ll take an hour, most of which you’re just waiting for it to finish baking. It’s really simple and you’ll be happy to add this dairy dish to your menu plan, especially for #Shavuot! Rachel

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