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Sephardic charoset balls

I love the Passover seder; I love the story and how all of the seder plate's food symbolizes different parts of the story. I think my favorite is the charoset, but not the traditional Ashkenazi.

One Passover, many years ago, I was searching for something that made more sense to me. The apples/nuts/wine thing just doesn't look like the clay and straw we're supposed to be thinking about. (note: if you love that, that's fine - just not my cup of tea). So I stumble across a few different recipes of Sephardic charoset.

I loved the different kinds of fruits: dried apricot, pitted dates, and golden raisins. When you mix them together, they are actually sticky and still slightly soft (note: food processor is essential to making these). I also love that they are rolled in cinnamon and sugar, which gives that memory of slavery ease in the sweetness. Still, it's not sweet enough to take away the memory.

So, how does one make these?

Easy - you just need a few ingredients, a food processor, and people to share them with! Or during a pandemic year, just munch on them as a snack throughout all of Passover!

Check out the recipe here!

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