Southern Biscuits

As much as I love Passover and Matzah – I’m so happy to have bread the rises again. The first bread on my mind is always biscuits. They bring me such comfort when I’m missing home – which is often since I live 18 hours away from my family and haven’t seen any of them for 18 months.

So, yes – I’m from the American South and everyone thinks about biscuits when you think about the American South. But for me, biscuits is a big part of where my cooking journey began. I have so many memories of being in my grandmother’s small apartment kitchen cooking with her. My parents both worked, so my brother and I spent a lot of time with Grandma in this small apartment. And since I was the only girl born to my family in four generations, Grandma was determined that I learn to cook and be passionate about it. Whatever she did, obviously it worked.

So, many mornings – and sometimes evenings too, there I was standing in Grandma’s kitchen helping her make the best biscuits you could have ever tasted. To this day, they are still the best I’ve ever had. Sadly my Grandma passed in 2006 and my mom has been having trouble finding the actually recipe, so I’ve been trying to piece it together through memory and experimentation and I think I’m close!

So, take some time out of your day – make sure you go get some buttermilk – and make these delicious biscuits. They are perfect in the morning with breakfast or brunch, or in the evening with some fried chicken. Either way, you’ll love them. They go great with jam, jelly, butter or honey. You basically can not go wrong with these. Enjoy – click here for the recipe!

xoxo Rachel

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