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Southern Family Reunions During the Fourth of July

Every Fourth of July weekend (or the weekend closest to that date) was always the Harlan family reunion when I was growing up. My mom’s mom, who I called Mutsi, hosted her family every year at the farm for a 3 or 4 day reunion. There was always lots of food, coffee, sitting and talking, and time in the pool. We also always had a huge firework show put on by me and my cousins.

However, the one thing I always looked forward to was when Mutsi would wake me up early to help her make breakfast pizza for everyone. It was always just me and her making a few of these to feed everyone. They were simple, fed a lot of people, and fun to make.

Even now, so many years since the last Harlan family reunion, I treasure the time of waking up and spending the time learning to make these with Mutsi. And I always crave them right around the Fourth of July.

It’s also easy to customize the recipe. Pick your own topics, scale it up or down to feed however many people you need to. It’s also great for leftovers!

This morning, while my oven wasn’t working and I had to switch to a smaller pan and use the toaster oven, I made this small version of the breakfast pizza. But don’t worry - I have the full recipe on the blog. Enjoy!

Here's the full recipe:

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